furniture planner with automatic price calculation
Increases conversion and optimizes workflow

PlanPlace — furniture planner with automatic price calculation

Some of the advantages of the Plan Place constructor
Price calculation
Set prices for materials. PlanPlace will calculate the cost itself. And the price changes easily and quickly.
Intuitive interface
Easy functionality for the average user and professional support service for deep settings.
A PDF document for your client and a detailed Excel file with the entire list of articles from the project.
Not only kitchens or cabinets can be integrated into the constructor. You can add the entire catalog of your products.
Integration with the website
The implementation of the placement plan on the site increases user engagement and increases conversion.
Online access
No installations. Use the constructor from any desktop device that has Internet access.
For whom
  • Enter your prices for materials in the constructor and calculate the cost with one click

  • Allow potential buyers to independently plan the design and filling of their kitchen

  • Process applications using ready-made projects
From private craftsmen to design studios
  • Fill in the constructor with a catalog of your products

  • Set up synchronization and easily manage price changes

  • Create additional designer accounts and help your dealers develop
Large-scale production with distributors
  • Accept your clients' projects and offer interesting solutions

  • Create joint projects with the buyer at the point of sale

  • Develop a project at the measurement stage and easily offer the buyer several options
Managers in retail outlets
available only on laptops or PCs
with a screen resolution of 1200 pixels
Appreciate the simplicity of working in the Plan Place constructor
Average values in favor of cooperation
Acceleration of work with the client
Increase in sales volume
Performance improvement
Choose your tariff plan
$ 120

The most necessary for work:

  • Set of kitchen modules
  • Kitchen facade kits
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Integration with your website
$ 250

Serious approach to business:

  • Synchronization via API
  • Expansion of the product catalog
  • Changing the constructor style
  • Implementation of custom functions
$ 300

All the functionality of the PRO tariff:

  • Priority Support Service
  • Discount on improvements
  • Discount on modeling
  • SLA

$ 720

$ 670

The most necessary for work:

  • Set of kitchen modules
  • Kitchen facade kits
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Integration with your website
Additional 14 days (for new customers)
Website integration
Access to the constructor without a website 🛈
Setting up automatic price calculation
Built-in accessories store 🛈
Base of kitchen facades
Set of kitchen modules
Adding your own 3D models
Output of projects to the PDF specification
Drawings for wall projections
Popular texture databases
Collecting applications from the constructor
Wardrobe Designer (beta version)
Project Templates
Implementation of custom functions
Exporting files for rendering
The ability to change the constructor settings using the JavaScript programming language
Full customization of the appearance using CSS
The ability to create additional categories for the catalog
Ability to send orders to your system
Inserting metric codes
Price synchronization via API
SLA Package 🛈
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Companies with a PlanPlace planner
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Official representatives of PlanPlace
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